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Welcome! I am a faculty member in the Department of Computer Science at Tel Aviv University. My research focuses on pseudorandomness and derandomization, explicit constructions, and coding theory. I am particularly interested in derandomization of space-bounded computation, spectral graph theory (including free probability), tree codes, locally decodable codes, randomness extractors, and algebraic-geometric codes.


I am extremely grateful for the support of the ERC Starting Grant (grant number 949499), which funds much of my research.

News:  This semester, I am teaching a course titled Free Probability Theory and Ramanujan Graphs. The video lectures, presented in English, are regularly uploaded to the course’s YouTube channel. The lectures for my previous course Pseudorandomness, which I taught last semester, are also available in English on YouTube.

Uninvited Talks: I started a playlist on my YouTube channel titled "Uninvited Talks," where I present some of my recent results. I find video lectures to be a valuable tool for learning about new results. Video lectures are often available from conferences (where talks are usually too short) or workshops (which have better lengths but are rare). Therefore, I decided to record talks on selected papers without the constraint of a harsh time limit, and with the bonus of improved audio and video quality. These talks will often be recorded as practice sessions for actual seminars or workshops, but I will allow myself to discuss the topics in more depth. I hope these videos will help you learn about my work. More importantly, I hope others will also start creating similar content!


All my papers are available online. Next to some are video talks and slides.

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‘When one teaches, two learn.’ –Robert Heinlein. So far I never gave the same (graduate level) course twice.

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My Group

I am fortunate to advise bright, creative, and fun to work with students. Click to read about opportunities to join my group either as a student, a visitor, or as a postdoctoral fellow.



Please feel free to contact me via My office is @ Check Point 244.

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