Next year I will teach the following courses:

  • In the first semester I will give a seminar on spectral graph theory.  The focus will be on the study of Ramanujan graphs and their relaxation (bipartite Ramanujan graphs and near Ramanujan graphs) via the method of interlacing families. We will follow the last part of Spielman's book (chapters 41-46) and relevant papers followed an introduction. The seminar is mainly open for undergraduate students. My spectral graph theory course is not a prerequisite.

  • In the second semester I will give a course on algebraic-geometric codes. This course is somewhat orthogonal to the introduction to algebraic geometric codes course I gave last year. In particular, the old course is not a prerequisite for the new course. Further, students who took the old course expect to have very little intersection with the new course.

Fall 2020/21 TAU

Reasoning About Computation

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