My Group

I am fortunate to advise bright, creative, and fun to work with students thanks to the generous support by the ERC starting grant, the ISF grant, and the Azrieli fellows program.


PhD student

PAST members

MSC student (graduated 2020)

Thesis: Rate amplification and query-efficient distance amplification for locally decodable codes (download)

MSC student (graduated 2020)

Thesis: Palette-alternating tree codes and seed-protecting extractors (download)

Noam Peri

MSC student (graduated 2020)

Thesis: Expander random walks: a Fourier-analytic approach (download)


Prospective students

If you are a bright and creative graduate student, enthusiastic about theoretical computer science, that is looking for an advisor - let's talk! Please email me, making sure to attach CV and grade sheets (undergraduate and graduate courses). A letter of recommendation is helpful.


PhD students with a strong track record from a top American / European university. If you are interested in visiting TAU and working together for a period of one to three months, please email me. CV, LoP, and a reference for a recommendation letter are required.

Postdoctoral fellows

Postdoctoral fellowships are available. Please email me directly for more information.