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Algorithms 1

Technion 2006-10

I TA-ed the Technion's introductory course to algorithms for six semesters.

In 2010 my recitations were filmed for the Technion's video archive (unfortunately, these are available only for Technion students).

On top of lecturing the courses mentioned above, I TA-ed several courses, including:

Methods in the Analysis of Algorithms

Technion 2007/8, 2008/9

A graduate-level course in algorithms lectured by Hadas Shachnai.

Algebraic Methods in Computer Science

Technion 2008/9

A graduate-level course lectured by Amir Shpilka.

Combinatorics for Computer Science

Technion 2010

Introductory course to combinatorics for computer science students.

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